EntomoBiotics Inc. Declares War on Commensal Rodents & Snakes — 2018 Update!!!

— This article by Jerry Cates was first published on 14 May 2016 and last revised on 12 March 2018. © Bugsinthenews Vol. 17:05(02.1).

Winning the War on Commensal Rodents and Snakes with the EntomoBiotics Inc. Rodent & Snake Control System (RSCS™)

First, let’s discuss Commensal Rodents…

Many Americans who were adults in April and May of 1993 remember those months vividly, as a frightening time when a mysterious fatal disease, never before known to man, first reared its ugly head.

This unexplained pulmonary illness occurred in “the Four Corners,” an arid portion of the southwestern United States where four states — Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Utah — intersect at a single geographic spot. The region hosts the Hopi, Ute, Navajo, and Zuni Nation American Indian Reservations. Near that intersection of four U.S. States, in April of 1993, a young, healthy Navajo woman arrived at an emergency room in Gallup, New Mexico. She had flu-like symptoms and complained of shortness of breath. On examination doctors found her lungs filled with fluid, and though the physicians and nurses did all they could, she soon died. Five days later, the deceased woman’s fiancee, a young, healthy Navajo man, fell ill while traveling to her funeral. An ambulance was called, but he stopped breathing on the way to the Indian Medical Center emergency room, and despite paramedics performing CPR he could not be revived. The similarity of his symptoms and those leading to the death of his betrothed led the Emergency Room doctors to report his death to the New Mexico Department of Health. Soon it was discovered that, within the previous six months, a total of six other mystery deaths with identical symptoms had occurred. Shortly afterward an additional dozen new cases were reported.

The cause was a previously unheralded disease now known as hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, or HPS. It is spread by deer mice in the genus Peromyscus.  Diseases spread by mice and rats are nothing new. In fact, as the Centers for Disease Control discovered in their investigation, unreported deaths from HPS had actually been taking place since the 1950’s. Besides HPS, though, a long list of rodent-borne diseases are common wherever large populations of rats and mice are allowed to congregate, nest, and multiply. Eleven diseases are known to be directly transmitted to man by rats and mice. An additional fifteen diseases are indirectly transmitted to man by the parasites (ticks, mites, fleas, and mosquitoes) that typically infest rodents. These are not trivial diseases, but often lead to death, chronic disease, and severe disability.

Helping mankind avoid such diseases is an important job. It is, in fact, the foundation on which modern pest management stands. We take that job seriously, which is why — in the early 1990’s — we declared war on commensal rodents. 

Now, Let’s discuss Snakes, and their Direct Connection to Commensal Rodents…

Throughout our career in pest management we have, with regularity, received calls about snakes in residences and businesses. The caller wants to know how to stop “our snake problem…” Whenever we receive such calls, our first reaction is to explain to the caller that what they have isn’t really a snake problem. Instead, they have a commensal rodent problem that attracts snakes to their residence or business. Of course, other attractants — such as bird nests, lizards, and large insects — may also be involved, but the most prominent attractant of snakes is, hands down, the commensal rodent. Once commensal rodents are brought under control, 90% of the snake problems disappear. That last 10% is still problematic… and is dealt with by bringing bird nesting, lizard populations, and large insects in the area under control as well.

Over the years we’ve developed stellar programs to handle all these issues.

Though it isn’t easy, we’re winning the war on commensal rodents and snakes, and our weapon of choice today is the EntomoBiotics Inc. Rodent & Snake Control System (RSCS™). Our RSCS™ is a comprehensive program that combines habitat modification, bait servicing, and — yes — for especially challenging and/or otherwise intractable rodent infestations, even rodent birth control. This system, like the most advanced control systems contrived for other pestiferous organisms, forces the commensal rodents, lizards, and large insects involved to help — unwittingly — in their own destruction. Much of what that system does is invisible to you, but if you see one or more of our associated Rodent & Snake Control System (RSCS™) devices at a friend’s house, at a restaurant, a nursing home, or at another commercial establishment, you can be sure that friend, Administrator, or proprietor is doing their best to help you avoid rodent-borne diseases. Today, protecting you and your loved ones — from the dangerous diseases spread by rats and mice — is not an option. It is an imperative.

Not Our First War on Noxious Pests…

In 1986 EntomoBiotics Inc. declared war on the German cockroach. At the time German cockroaches thrived in epidemic proportions, and practically every nursing home in Texas was overrun with them. When nobody else could bring them under control, we found a way, and soon we were servicing happy, roach-free nursing homes scattered all over the state.

In the late 1980’s imported fire ants exploded all over Texas. We declared war on imported fire ants and won again.

In 1995 we declared war on termites, were awarded six patents by the U.S. Patent Office, and brought termites under control for our clients all over Texas.

About that same time, we declared war on houseflies. When absolutely nobody else could bring houseflies under control, we could — and did. Again, all over Texas.

In  the late 1990’s we declared war, not only on rodents but also on snakes, bird nests, lizards, and large insects (in combination, because — as pointed out earlier in this article — rodent infestations, bird nests, and infestations of lizards and large insects always lead to an abundance of snakes). We’re winning that war...

Throughout our company’s existence we’ve waged war against every legitimate pest — you name it,  if it’s a pest, lives in Texas, and represents a threat to human health, we’ve declared war against it — and we’re winning those wars. That’s not bragging. It’s just telling it like it is…

More To Come… 

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