EntomoBiotics Inc. Declares War on Mosquitoes — 2018 UPDATE!!! 1

— This article by Jerry Cates was first published on 14 May 2016 and last revised on 18 February 2018. © Bugsinthenews Vol. 17:05(02).

Winning the War on Mosquitoes with the EntomoBiotics Inc. Mosquito Control System (EMCS)

In 2016, when the Zika epidemic raged in South America and threatened the United States, we waged war on mosquitoes. We’re winning that war, and our weapon of choice is the EntomoBiotics Inc. Mosquito Control System (EMCS). Our EMCS is a comprehensive mosquito control program using green biologicals and growth regulators, including the In2Care Mosquito Trap. This system forces the mosquitoes to help, unwittingly, in their own destruction. Much of what that system does is invisible to you, but if you see one or more of the associated In2Care mosquito traps at a friend’s house, at a restaurant, nursing home, or at another commercial establishment, you can be sure that friend, Administrator, or proprietor is doing their best to help you avoid mosquito-borne diseases. Today, protecting you and your loved ones — from the dangerous viruses spread by mosquitoes — is an important job. We take that job seriously.

Not Our First War on Noxious Pests…

In 1986 EntomoBiotics Inc. declared war on the German cockroach. At the time German cockroaches thrived in epidemic proportions, and practically every nursing home in Texas was overrun with them. When nobody else could bring them under control, we found a way, and soon we were servicing happy, roach-free nursing homes scattered all over the state.

In the late 1980’s imported fire ants exploded all over Texas. We declared war on imported fire ants and won again.

In 1995 we declared war on termites, were awarded six patents by the U.S. Patent Office, and brought termites under control for our clients all over Texas.

About that same time, we declared war on houseflies. When absolutely nobody else could bring houseflies under control, we could — and did. Again, all over Texas.

In  the late 1990’s we declared war on rodents and snakes (in combination, because rodent infestations always lead to an abundance of snakes). We’re winning that war, too…

Throughout our company’s existence we’ve waged war against every legitimate pest — you name it,  if it’s a pest, lives in Texas, and represents a threat to human health, we’ve declared war against it — and we’re winning those wars. That’s not bragging. It’s just telling it like it is…

And Now we’re Waging War on Mosquitoes:

In late 2016 we declared war on mosquitoes. Mosquito-borne viruses were nothing new, but now the Zika virus was wreaking havoc in South America, and would soon be here in the United States. Children born to mothers infected with that virus often had heart-breaking birth defects, so getting the mosquitoes that spread the disease under control was not optional, it had to be done, and done fast.

We knew going in that this would be the toughest war we’ve ever fought. Yet, after little more than a year of research and field work, we’re winning that war, too. It needed a secret weapon, and we found one. We call it the EntomoBiotics Inc. Mosquito Control System (EMCS). It does not use toxic pesticides that lace the air you breathe, but employs the comprehensive use of biologicals and growth regulators, plus a special mosquito trap that attracts and kills mosquitoes with green ingredients that target mosquito larvae and adults. Mosquitoes that enter the trap become contaminated with those green ingredients, then spread them to other mosquito breeding spots, away from the trap, where they kill other mosquitoes. This provides each trap with a force multiplier that makes it a powerful agent for mosquito control. As the mosquitoes become affected by these ingredients, they stop biting, lose their ability to produce eggs, and die prematurely. Soon the areas in which the traps are deployed see a dramatic reduction in mosquito activity, and the ones that are still alive aren’t biting.

The viruses that produce Dengue, Chikungunya, Yellow Fever, and Zika are today proliferating throughout the world’s tropical regions. Their vector is the Aedes mosquito, which is difficult to control because the Aedes female doesn’t lay all her eggs at once, but deposits a few at a time, in multiple small, hard to find breeding sites. The Aedes mosquito has also become resistant to most chemical insecticides, but the EntomoBiotics Inc. Mosquito Control System (EMCS) is the Aedes mosquito’s most powerful enemy.

We’re now placing these mosquito traps at our residential, medical, and commercial client locations all over Texas.

More To Come… 

Taxonomy: A thorough taxonomical treatment of mosquitoes is provided in a separate article posted on this website entitled Mosquitoes of Texas and the Southeastern United States.

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