Millipedes in Texas

Millipedes in Texas
This article by Jerry Cates, first published on 11 June 2012, was last revised on 28 April 2015. © Bugsinthenews Vol. 13:06(02). —————————————– This article is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Richard Hoffman, a pioneer in the scientific study of the millipedes. I received a sad note this morning (11 June 2012) from Jeff Shultz, of ...

Giant Centipedes in Texas 66

Giant Centipedes in Texas
— This article by Jerry Cates et al., first published in September 2002, was last revised on 6 June 2014. © Bugsinthenews Vol. 03:09. —————————————– The giant centipede (Scolopendra heros), also called the giant desert or giant red-headed centipede, is found throughout the southern U.S., particularly in desert regions. It is described in the literature as reaching ...
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