The EntomoBiotics Inc. Rodent & Snake Control System (RSCS™) Bait Stations

— This article by Jerry Cates was first published on 17 October 2018, and was last revised on 10 November 2019. © Bugsinthenews Vol. 20:10(01).

The Job of Winning the War on Commensal Rodents, with the EntomoBiotics Inc. Rodent & Snake Control System (RSCS™), has at its heart the RSCS™ Bait Station.  

Fig. 1. One of the RSCS™-modified rodent bait station configurations previously in use at a client site. Placements are chosen based on a range of factors, including the history of rodent activity in the area, human foot traffic nearby, and the proximity of rodent attractants. 

The proprietary EntomoBiotics Inc. RSCS program utilizes very special rodent bait stations…

Note: This program is known as the EntomoBiotics Inc. Rodent & Snake Control System because, whenever a prospective client tells us they have a “snake problem,” we investigate their situation and usually discover that the real issue isn’t really the snakes they see, but the rodents the snakes are preying upon that they rarely see. By controlling the rodents at a client site, we also control the majority of the snakes there, but the RSCS™ program doesn’t stop with rodent control, alone. Some snakes, including juvenile and mature copperheads and practically all juvenile rat snakes, also prey on large insects and lizards; to help control those snakes, we take additional steps to exterminate the large insects that snakes and lizards prey on. That — in turn — further reduces incursions by those snakes that prey on all three food sources: rodents, insects and lizards.

The stations in use with this program constantly change over time as newer and more advanced bait stations became available from their manufacturers, and as we make modifications and additions to those stations to correct deficiencies we observe, during field use, in security and in the way the stations operate.

More To Come… 

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