The Enhanced Ecosystem Monitoring, Management and Control (E2M2C™) Program

— This informational article by Jerry Cates was first published on 30 April 2019, and was last revised and expanded on 14 June 2019. Copyright Bugsinthenews Vol. 18:05(01)

We all live, work, visit and play within complex ecosystems. The E2M2C™ program monitors, manages and controls a specific ecosystem’s habitats and the organisms it hosts. It does this via professional consultations, client involvement and cooperation, habitat modification, and the deployment of specialized E2M2C™ devices.

All these components work in concert. Within the ecosystems where the E2M2C™ program is conducted, the safe and healthy enjoyment of homes, places of work, and all the scattered nooks where people and their companion pets visit, rest and relax is maximized.

E2M2C™ — A New Paradigm for Human Safety and Comfort…

The habitats we frequent often are impinged upon — sometimes temporarily, at other times on a semi-permanent basis — by a wide range of unfriendly organisms. Some merely annoy, but others bite, sting, contaminate food and other articles, damage infrastructure, or spread disease. These organisms come and go based on a variety of factors, many unique to the ecosystem involved. When out of control, they limit our enjoyment of life’s gifts in important ways.

Fortunately, healthy ecosystems host a variety of friendly, beneficial organisms that keep their unfriendly counterparts in check. Besides the friendly organisms that nature provides, others can be added by man. Natural conditions that help the “friendlies” thrive can be preserved and improved. Further, habitats can be modified, and new habitats created, to boost an ecosystem’s natural ability to magnify the range and number of its beneficial organisms.

Maintaining and Improving an EcoSystem’s Natural Health…

The E2M2C™ program works to facilitate an optimal balance of the friendly and unfriendly organisms within the ecosystems it serves. As a result, the general health of the ecosystem is enhanced, and the humans who live, work, visit and play there benefit the most.

In the past, attempts to accomplish this kind of balance came with a high price tag. This results because those offering such services tend to follow a model that does not require the direct involvement of their clients. Often the client insists on being left out of the picture, which explains why that model, though unworkable for most ecosystems, has managed to survive to the present. Our research has shown that model to be unsustainable for all but the most highly capitalized clientele. For all the rest — which comprise more than 99% of our clients — sustainability is effected by bringing the client into the picture in important ways.

E2M2C™ clients become, themselves, crucial components of the E2M2C™ program. As a result it costs them much less, not lots more. EntomoBiotics Inc. was founded on the philosophy that the only workable approach to ecosystem management keeps things real, manageable, economical, and effective. The reasoning behind this philosophy is imminently practical: No matter how hard we try, no other model actually works. The E2M2C™ program not only embraces that model, it exemplifies it. Our residential and commercial clients cheerfully attest to that fact.

What This Means to You…

When you find a site where the E2M2C™ program is in place, rest assured. The homeowner, manager, business professional or proprietor responsible for that site cares deeply for the safety and comfort of all who tarry there. Their concern is not mere lip-service; it is genuine and sincere.

The E2M2C™ program is not deployed just anywhere. E2M2C™ clients must surmount a high bar to be accepted into the program. This is because, having responsibility for the day-to-day functioning of the ecosystems involved, they are active participants in its success.

Much of what makes up the E2M2C™ program is invisible to the casual observer. What may be visible — e.g., the E2M2C™ devices you can see — are only a small part of the overall E2M2C™ program.

Empowering Nature in Special Ways…

All the various E2M2C™ devices in use with this program — some in plain sight, others unnoticed or out of sight — function according to a comprehensive, science-based plan. That plan is based on the accumulation of decades of environmentally-focused research.

That research, for its part, has been tested and proven through a covey of field trials and evaluations. The conclusions we reached from that work led us to focus on doing everything we could to free up and empower the natural components of each ecosystem in a special way: enabling nature, itself, to work tirelessly for one purpose, to further mankind’s safety and health without causing harm…

You may recognize the connection between this philosophy and one of the principle precepts of bioethics. That precept, embodied throughout the language of the Hippocratic Oath, is succinctly expressed by the Latin phrase Primum non nocere, which means “First do no harm.”

The E2M2C™ program takes the language of the Hippocratic Oath one step further. For reasons that made sense in his day and time but are considered less plausible today, Hippocrates sought to keep the healing arts secret and taught only to a few. By contrast, the E2M2C™ program teaches its clients everything they need to know to become active participants in its success.

Understanding the E2M2C™ Program Devices You Can See…

If you arrived here by decoding the QR code on an E2M2C™ device, please note that each device is digitally serialized. Its unique identification number is recorded in our database. That database contains historical information that tells us where that device has been in the past. it also tells us where it is supposed to be now.

All devices deployed in the E2M2C™ program are inspected, assayed, and serviced on a regular basis. During each service event each device is professionally cleansed and sanitized. The assay tells us how well the device is functioning within the ecosystem it serves, and guides the proper re-provisioning of its contents for maximum effect. Sanitizing removes accumulations of environmental contaminants.

Each E2M2C™ program device is physically and digitally secured against unauthorized tampering. A bar-code security label is placed over the keyway of the device’s physical locking mechanism each time it is serviced. The information on this security label is recorded in our database and updated on each servicing event. When you see this security label in place you can be assured the device you see has not been tampered with.

E2M2C™ program devices are never sold to the clients within whose ecosystems they have been placed, but remain the property of EntomoBiotics Inc. They are serviced, assayed, sanitized, and re-provisioned solely by licensed professionals employed by EntomoBiotics Inc.

Contact Us…

Call us at once at 512-331-1111 to report an E2M2C™ device that appears to have been stolen, misused, vandalized, or discarded. Do not disturb, touch, pick up, manipulate, or otherwise handle any E2M2C™ device.

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