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— This article by Jerry Cates, first published on 15 January 2012, was last revised on 23 January 2022. © Bugsinthenews Vol. 12:01(01).

NOTE: This article introduces three cleansers and habitat modifiers presently manufactured by EntomoBiotics Inc., each of which is the result of 40+ years of research and testing conducted by the author. The first, HabitatBiotics™ LR35, is a water-based (aqueous) cleanser containing a fully vetted blend of extracts and essential oils derived from four essential oils and eleven herbs and spices.

The second, HabitatBiotics™ G1440, is a granular cleanser containing a similar blend of whole herbs, spices and essential oils, absorbed into and combined with a base of milled corncob granules. This product is currently out of stock, and will not be available again before March of 2022.

The third, HabitatBiotics™ M-LT705, is an oil-based cleanser containing 70 viscosity food-grade mineral oil, lemongrass essential oil, and technical thymol. It is used strictly to clean and seal sink drains and floor drains in homes and businesses. 

The cleansing properties of each of these products revolves around the characters possessed by their natural constituents. Those properties are enhanced by taking advantage of the synergism that takes place when they are combined. In what follows we will explore some of those functionalities. Please note that these products are cleansers, alone, with the sole purpose of making the application site more attractive. These products are not intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease, and are not intended to affect the structure or any function of the body of man or other animals, as defined by FD&C Act, sec. 201(g)(1).

When Mother Nature put together her earthly garden, she did so in what amounts to an extraordinary array of complex molecular and structural forms. Each of those forms generally benefits the plant-life in which it is found. A common benefit is to keep the plant clean, in all the various ways cleanliness is beneficial. Many of those molecular forms, extracted from plants and evaluated in isolation, possess cleansing properties that benefit humans in similar or identical ways. Others, though harmless to the plant, can be harmful to humans. A few, though toxic to man in concentrated form, can still be beneficial when present in small amounts. Combinations of these individual forms, in precise, measured quantities, often act in synergy to magnify their beneficial effects. Sometimes those effects are reliably predictable. Often, though, unexpected positive or negative effects are witnessed, which explains the imperative of testing those combinations thoroughly, with real people — not defenseless animals — in the real world.

The three products described here represent the culmination of all the investigations and real-world testing that I’ve conducted with natural plant-based extracts thus far. It has been a long but exciting journey. At the start I was amazed by the cleansing capabilities each botanical extract possessed. Along the way that amazement has never faded, but only grew stronger in a cascade of new discoveries. Many of those discoveries forced me to exclude certain extracts from the mix, while making the case for keeping certain other extracts in the mix in even stronger concentrations. In similar fashion, experience with various modalities led me to avoid the use of persistent, liquid oil-based combinations that produce slip hazards and are prone to staining, except in very special, limited applications such as the cleansing of sink and floor drains. For most other purpuses, aqueous solutions that quickly evaporate, leaving small but important traces behind, were found to be the most useful, followed by dry granules impregnated and coated with traces of cleansing ingredients. Based on reports from those who use them, the range of the specialized cleansing qualities of the aqueous cleanser HabitatBiotics™ LR35, the granular cleanser HabitatBiotics™ G1440, and the oil-based cleanser HabitatBiotics™ M-LT705 appear to be unparalleled by anything presently on the market. Those who use them with regularity say they work as intended, and nothing else seems quite as capable.

The research that culminated in the production of these two products continues to this day. Too, real-world testing of the fruits of that research proceeds unabated. Each of these products is expected to continue to evolve as more and more is learned about the natural ingredients of which they are composed.

— Questions? Comments? Corrections? e-mail the author at jerry.cates@entomobiotics.com.

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