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This website, Bugs In The News, is published by EntomoBiotics Inc. EcoSystem Forensics, a full service pest management firm that has served all of Texas since 1980.

Bugs In The News is an informative project published in conjunction with its not-for-profit biological research arm, the Megatherium Society. It is on the Internet for one reason, to serve you as a trustworthy source of carefully researched and pertinent information regarding human safety in the fields of zoology, entomology, arachnology, and herpetology. Each article contains links to relevant peer-reviewed scientific papers, if available, that help readers conduct further research.

The articles published here are prepared by our principal research analyst, Jerry Cates — inventor of a series of patented termite detection, monitoring and control devices, and editor of E2M2C™ CHRONICLES, the constantly updated newsletter on our rat and mouse control research program — and by our company biologist, Adette Quintana — inventor of The Hawk Star Pet Protection Vest. Adette joined the EntomoBiotics Inc. team in 2020, and has been a major contributor to our research projects and the work we perform for our clients in the field. She has a special love for animals, and a deep appreciation for the need to keep places where folks live, work, play and visit free of harmful contaminants. Her extensive experience with snakes and commensal rodents has led her to a firm commitment toward maintaining our clients’ sites in the safest, most secure conditions possible. An accomplished innovator, she has multiple patents on devices that protect small animals from birds of prey. At EntomoBiotics Inc. she plays a key role in the implementation of our E2M2C™ program.

The following table of contents lists articles posted on BugsInTheNews.

Articles are listed alphabetically, by category of organism or topic of discussion. Click on an article title, or enter a key word in the search box to find related articles:

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