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This newsletter, authored by Jerry Cates, keeps E2M2C™ program participants informed about the devices in place at their homes and businesses. It is accessible to all who are interested in the general subject of rodent control and the pure and applied research this program is conducting. Those who know someone who might benefit from this information are urged to pass it along, and to post links to this web page (clicking on the title will take you to the site) on social media where appropriate. © Bugsinthenews Vol. 23:09(01): Re-published, with new content, on 18 October 2021.


E2M2C™ devices are now in place at numerous sites in Texas. Restaurants, day-care centers, nursing homes, and other kinds of businesses are included, along with lots of residential homes and apartment complexes. Besides quickly bringing rodent issues to a halt, these devices are contributing to mankind’s knowledge and understanding of rat and mouse behavior.

If you’re surprised to read that, you’re not alone.

Most people think there’s nothing more to learn about rats that what we already know. That’s not true, though even we, too, once thought it might be. The E2M2C™ project reveals new insights into rodent biology practically every day. One reason why has to do with the huge differences between each of the sites where these devices have been placed. Ten cities in Central Texas, and 13 cities in the northern half of the state, participate in this program. Within each city, stark differences exist between individual sites, too. We’re pleased to report that, at each of these sites, despite all the differences between them, the E2M2C™ project consistently solves rodent infestations and keeps them rodent free.

Once in a while we see exceptions to that rule. When that happens, we make adjustments based on past experiences, and learn more in the process.

The daily bombardments of fresh information on the ways rats and mice behave is what drives improvements to the program. Those inputs lead to practical modifications to each device and to our service protocols.

Thanks are due to all E2M2C™ program participants for their encouragement, support, critiques and suggestions. This program cannot advance this quickly without your help, and the more we learn from you, the better. Rats and mice spread disease and destroy commodities. Controlling them is a crucial step toward protecting human health. Protecting the environment, along with dogs, cats, birds of prey, and every other non-target animal, is what we’re all about.


Cooler weather just arrived in Central Texas. Austin saw lows of 49°F on Saturday, and 47°F on Sunday night. Tonight the lows will be in the high 50’s and are expected to stay above 60 for the next 10 days before dipping into the 50’s on October 28. San Antonio did not dip below the 50’s with this front, and neither did Houston, though each of those cities saw Sunday lows of 50-51°F.

Forecasts continue to signal what appears to be a lengthy period wherein highs will drop to the high 50’s and low 60’s throughout Central and North Texas. As temperatures continue to slide downward, look for rodent activity in yards, attics, and crawlspaces to increase.

What About the 2021-2 Texas Winter?

Once temperatures regularly drop below 50°F at night, start listening carefully for noises in the attic or under the floor. Gnawing and scratching sounds, in particular, should be cause for alarm. If those are heard, contact E2M2C™ program management right away. 

Time to Prepare

Those already participating in the E2M2C™ program probably have little or nothing to worry about. Though last winter’s E2M2C™ participants experienced other inconveniences, rats and mice were not on the list. Some who got in on this program earlier — especially residential homes whose participation commenced early in 2019 or before — may have fewer E2M2C™ devices than we now recommend. In a few of those cases, the rodent populations in the areas surrounding those homes may still be so high that they’ll begin to see evidence of rat incursions in their yards. If those rats are able to get inside, they may do so. Be on the lookout, and contact E2M2C™ program management directly if and when the need arises.


Those who have questions about their particular site, or who wish to consider becoming participants in this project, should call or text for more information. You probably have the number… But, for those who don’t, it’s five-one-two 426-9883.

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