Notice: The E2M2C™ Trademark, and Ownership, Placement & Servicing of E2M2C™ Devices

This notice refers to the E2M2C™ trademark, the ownership, placement & servicing of E2M2C™ devices, and the procedures clients are expected to follow in the event the client desires to cease participating in the E2M2C™ program and/or a change of ownership — of the physical site where an active E2M2C™ program exists — takes place.  © Bugsinthenews Vol. 23:10(02): Created on 1 October 2022, last revised on 1 February 2023.

Important Notice about the E2M2C™ trademark 

The term E2M2C™ is the stylized acronym used for a proprietary program developed and operated by EntomoBiotics Inc. Its full title is “Enhanced Ecosystem Monitoring, Management, and Control.” E2M2C™ refers to and identifies each of the unique devices, methods, and protocols that are associated with that program, and is a trademark that is wholly owned by EntomoBiotics Inc. 

Ownership, Placement & Servicing of E2M2C™ Devices 

The E2M2C™ devices that are placed and regularly serviced at client sites are never sold, but remain the property of EntomoBiotics Inc. at all times. The property label affixed to every E2M2C™ program device gives legal, constructive notice to this effect, as do the written statements attached to our invoices and service records. E2M2C™ devices are placed at client sites at the beginning of that site’s participation in the E2M2C™ program, and placement fees are charged in advance, when the devices are placed. Those devices are then serviced by exchanging them — at designated intervals — with freshly sanitized, revised, and re-provisioned units in a repetitive service cycle that is maintained for as long as the program remains in force at that site, and service fees are charged in arrears. Exchanged devices are returned to our laboratory to be assayed, sanitized, equipped with the latest revisions, and re-provisioned with expendable internal components.

Program Participation: Adding or Reducing E2M2C™ program Devices

The E2M2C™ program is designed to be flexible, to account for possible fluctuations in the background pressure of rodent populations in the areas surrounding the sites where the E2M2C™ program is in place. Sometimes this means that additional stations are needed, as when our assays show that all or most of the rodenticides in the placed stations have been depleted during the placement interval, or — worse — the client reports seeing live rodents or their fecal droppings. When added stations are placed, a placement fee for each one is charged at the time of placement. The added stations are then serviced in conjunction with the present service interval for that site. Whenever the number of stations is reduced, the client is charged a service fee for the stations that are removed, at the time of removal; subsequent service events are charged based on the remaining number of stations at the site. Clients requesting a reduction in the number of stations at their site must keep in mind that, should it be deemed necessary to reinstall the removed stations at a future date, a placement fee will be charged for each station reinstalled.

Program Participation: Service Intervals

The usual E2M2C™ program service interval is four months, or three service events annually. This service interval works best in most locales. It is possible to extend the service interval to six months, or twice annually, at sites where rodent activity appears to be relatively low. The client who wishes to extend the service interval to 6 months at their site must keep in mind that, doing so increases the risk that sudden inflows of rodents at their site may deplete the rodenticide provisions in the E2M2C™ program devices there, which besides allowing maternity nesting to commence, may also result in rodent-caused damages to one or more devices, rendering the affected devices unusable. When this occurs, the client will be charged a placement fee for the damaged device. 

Change of Ownership or Leaseholder at the Placement Site

Whenever a site where the E2M2C™ program is in place is sold, or otherwise changes hands (as in a change in the leaseholder of a leased property), we must be notified in advance of the sale or change of leaseholder so that the the devices associated with the E2M2C™ program may be removed prior to, or consonant with, the sale or change of leaseholder. If the new owner or leaseholder consents, in writing, to continue with the E2M2C™ program, they will be left in place and the service schedule will continue without change or interruption, and the new owner or leaseholder will be charged the full service fee for the next service interval when the service is performed. If no agreement is reached prior to the sale or change in leaseholder, the stations will be picked up prior to the sale or change in leaseholder and the departing owner or leaseholder will be charged a service fee for each station at that time. 

Damage, Destruction, or Theft of E2M2C™ program Devices

Damage is sometimes caused by by lawn-care personnel using lawn mowers or trimmers that damage the E2M2C™ program device’s casing, rendering the device unsafe for future use, and we advise program participants to inform their lawn-care professionals that they should take care not to inflict damage to these devices while performing their duties. E2M2C™ program device may also be displaced from their customary placement locations, into walkways and roadways where they are run over by vehicles and destroyed. Infrequently, excessive rodent activity at the placement site may result in rodent-caused holes that render the device unsafe for future use. In rare cases a E2M2C™ program device will simply disappear, either because it was inadvertently disposed of or stolen. In each of these cases the damaged, destroyed, missing or stolen device will be replaced and a placement fee will be charged.

Program Termination

Once a site’s participation in the E2M2C™ program ceases, all of the E2M2C™ devices positioned there will be collected by EntomoBiotics Inc. personnel and returned to our laboratory. If site ownership changes while we have E2M2C™ devices in place, it is incumbent on the property owner to notify EntomoBiotics Inc. immediately so that arrangements can be made to continue or terminate the program. In the event the new owner does not desire to participate, EntomoBiotics Inc. personnel will take steps to collect the E2M2C™ devices within a reasonable time frame before or immediately following the change in site ownership. At the termination of an existing E2M2C™ program, a service fee for each collected E2M2C™ program device, and a placement fee for each damaged, destroyed, or missing device will be charged.


Those currently participating in the E2M2C™ program who have questions about their particular site, as well as those who are not yet involved with the E2M2C™ project but would like to consider getting on board, should call or text me for more information. Current participants already have the number… But, for those who don’t, it’s 512-426-9883. We recommend that all who are interested in this program read our regularly updated article “E2M2C™ Chronicles.”

Jerry Cates, President & CEO, EntomoBiotics Inc.

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